What You Really Need to Know About Fasting & Weight loss

Considering going on a fast to lose weight fast? Don’t do anything until you read this article!


First, let’s take a closer look at fasting.


Fasting involves taking only liquid, either water or juices, for an extended period of time.


This allows your digestive system to rest so that the substantial energy needed for digestion can be used for regeneration of tissues and organs.  The result is deep detoxification as your body begins to eliminate disease-causing elements such as fat cells, arterial cholesterol plaques, mucus, tumors, and stored-up worries and emotions.


In place of the traditional water fast, most holistic practitioners today recommend a juice fast. A juice fast is safer, less depleting and more energizing, and in addition to alkalizing the body, the juice can help flush out toxins while supplying enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.


If you are just starting out, most people can safely do a 1-3 day green drink fast by juicing vegetables such as spinach, kale, celery, cucumbers, carrots, beets, parsley and dandelion greens.


Ideally, you want to consume 2-4 quarts of green drink a day (appropriately called a “juice feast”), along with at least 8 glasses of pure water. As you become accustomed to fasting, you can extend your fast up to seven days or longer.


The good news is a fast can help you cleanse deeply. It can also jump start your healthy eating lifestyle by quickly eliminating cravings and by reducing the size of your appetite.


Now the bad news – a fast can be extremely difficult. You’ll feel hungry and there is also the detox effect which will leave you feeling weak and with flu like symptoms.


Another thing about fasting is that it slows down your metabolism. That’s right, you start burning fewer calories because the body realizes it is receiving less food.


As a result of this effect, you will start losing less and less weight as your body goes into preservation mode. This can make all the pain and discomfort of a fast unworthy for many.


Another option that can be used instead of a fast is the new 4 Week Diet System that allows you to lose up to 32 pounds in just four weeks.


The diet focuses on controlling 4 hormones that can individually control (and cripple) your rate of fat burn and escalate your fat storage.


By getting these hormones to work together you can rapidly boostyour energy and skyrocket your fat burning metabolism.

In fact, you can rapidly melt away 6 to 8 poundsof stubborn body fat in just 1 week and burn 6 to 8 more pounds of body fat your 2nd week, and 6 to 8 more pounds of fat your 3rd week and in the 4th week another 6 to 8 pounds more!


When you do the math, that means 6 pounds a week x 4 weeks = 24 pounds. That’s triple the measly 2 pounds x 4 weeks = 8 pound limit — that the fitness experts and gurus claim you can lose!


You are in effect getting the results of a fast without having to go through all the hunger and weakness and discomfort.


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Avoid This Common Mistake That Causes Many to Go Off Their Diet

Diets aren’t easy. They take a lot of commitment and even those of us with strong willpower often end up cheating.


In this article, we are going to talk about one of the biggest mistakes dieters make while on a diet – a mistake that leads many to cheat on their diet and many others to go off their diet completely.


So what is this big mistake that so many make?


Well, it’s actually something that most probably don’t even think about. It’s a simple mistake but one that can have truly lasting implications.


The mistake is – shopping unwisely at the super market.


To put is simply, if you go to the supermarket without a plan you are putting your weightloss success in true jeopardy.


Here are five simple tips to follow when at the supermarket to help ensure you don’t make bad food decisions that will impact your diet negatively later on:


  1. Never shop when you are hungry.
    If you go shopping with hunger pangs, you are likely to end up with a cart full of cookies and chips and ice cream and other non-diet foods! In addition, when you are hungry, you are more likely to become more easily distracted and more likely to forget some of what you need.
  2. Never shop in a hurry.
    Rushing can make the entire experience stressful and this may cause you to purchase quick and easy items instead of searching a little longer for the healthier item.
  3. Make a list and stick to it.
    This has numerous benefits. You can make the list when you are not hungry and really focuses on your diet. Plus, the more organized you are, the less time you will waste at the market. Be sure to write down everything you need, how much you need and if you need to go to more than one location to get everything.
  4. Stay away from those dangerous center aisles.
    The fresh fruits and vegetables and chicken and other healthy meats are typically on the perimeter of the store. The center aisles are filled with processed foods that you should stay away from.
  5. Always read the label.
    Be sure to watch out for any foods that contain ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, flavorings, trans fats (or hydrogenated oils), sodium nitrite, and artificial substances like aspartame and monosodium glutamate.


Here some additional tips for when you are shopping:


  • When buying fruits and vegetables look ones that are not bruised, shriveled, moldy, or slimy. Don’t buy anything that smells bad.


  • Buy only the fruits and vegetables that you need so you can eat the freshest food possible. The less time out of the Earth or off the vine the more nutrients.


Then once you have your healthy foods at home, here are some tips you can follow to ensure your safety and to ensure that they stay fresh as long as possible:


  • Always wash fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly in water, and then rinse before eating to remove toxins and food-borne illnesses. Do not use detergent or bleach.  There are veggie washes that are available in health food stores.  You can also soak produce in diluted apple cider vinegar to help remove surface chemicals.
  • Handle fresh fruits and vegetables carefully. Put produce away promptly, and keep it in the crisper or in “Green Bags.”  Throw away cut produce that has been out of the refrigerator for four hours or more.


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